Welcome to the Future.


Welcome to the Future.

Inception Capital Management is a Seattle based venture capital firm focused on cancer biotechnology and late stage, brand name technology companies.



Disruptors. Next Generation. New Paradigm. Revolution. Innovation. Scalability. Execution. Game Changing. The Next Big Thing.

Technology is driven by innovation, new leaders emerge and become the incumbents of tomorrow. Researching and finding those unicorn companies out of thousands takes experience and skill.  We specialize in the technology and biotechnology industries and consider ethical qualities and human progressive endeavors. 



Cancer and Disease Eradication. Saving Lives. Molecular Biological Revolution. DNA Mastery. Longevity & Quality of Life. The Next Frontier.

Mankind's next frontiers are the Cosmos and the Microcosm. We believe that we are in the Golden Age of Biotech and some of the greatest advancements in technology and discovery will be found in the life sciences. The advancement of biotechnology in the next couple of decades will be instrumental in saving millions of lives.  Our firm's focus is in cancer biotechnology.







Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Viet Ly

General Partner/ Fund Manager


Graduate of the University of Washington Foster Business School in 2000, with a Business Administration degree in finance and marketing. Over twenty years of fund management, equities analysis, market forecasting, and business development. Researched and invested in cancer biotech companies starting in 2004 and is an adviser to Genprex.  Viet is passionate about the global markets, building businesses, emerging technology and cancer biotech. He loves spending time with his family, having a beer with friends, watching movies, and playing contact flag football. 

2016 Wealth & Finance International U.S. Venture Capital Fund Manager of the Year  


Hiep Ly

Partner/Biotech Research Analyst


Hiep's background and career started in the life sciences as a research assistant at the Department of Genetics and at the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Washington under Dr. Scott Wilbur, one of the top oncology research programs in the nation. In 2004, Hiep started trading equity derivatives, researching global markets and cancer biotech companies with his brother, Viet.  Researching and covering Genentech's Avastin, OSI Pharma's Tarceva, Imclone's Erbitux, Onyx Pharma's Nexavar, Celgene's Revlimid, Hiep is an insightful, experienced research analyst covering cancer biotech, tech companies and the global markets.  Hiep earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Molecular Cellular Biology from the University of Washington, loves watching sports, and hanging out with friends and family.




Erick Watson 


Erick's perspective on financial services is informed by over 20 years in software development and information technology, with a focus on aligning innovative new products with market needs. Prior to joining Inception Capital, Erick became a Registered Investment Adviser Representative in 2009, and co-founded HedgeLab Capital Management.
Earlier in his career, Erick was director of Strategy & Market Development for Microsoft's Asia Pacific Research & Development Group (ARD). There he drove Microsoft's collaboration with China's IT Services industry and related government agencies through investments in software innovation, technology transfer and IT solutions.  In his ten years at Microsoft, Erick led successful initiatives in executive engagement, partner strategy, competitive strategy, and professional services.
Erick obtained his B.A. in Linguistics from Louisiana State University and was a Professor of English at Xi'an Jiao Tong University in China.  A published author, Erick has contributed to books and articles on technology and culture.  He is a keynote speaker at conferences and summits on topics of business culture, innovation, competition and intellectual property in the software industry.


Tahir Ashraf 


Responsible for international business strategy, client relations, institutional/private asset raising, also serves as a Director at DynexCorp Ltd, responsible for business strategy, global client relations, institutional asset raising for Deutsche Bank's dbSelect market-leading managed investment platform. DynexCorp is a recommended index architect and manager of Deutsche Bank's award winning dbSelect platform [$6bn AUM]. Over fifteen years of market trading experience as an index futures trader in the United Kingdom. Identified and developed new opportunistic trading systems across multiple asset classes, provided medium term investment advice and analysis reports to investment teams as well as coached and trained traders to adopt and successfully trade proprietary strategies.


Daniel J Gray


Daniel was a competitive national figure skater competing at the US Nationals 3 times and winning 2nd place at the British Nationals in ’96 and coaching younger and adult skaters and bringing them to the national and international competition levels.  Daniel’s finance career started at a local mortgage company as he built a very successful business while managing two of the branches.  For the last ten years, he worked as a financial adviser and a consistent top producer in his region for a large national bank managing $65 million in assets, building relationships and tailoring portfolios to each individual.  Now with Inception, Daniel is focused on client relations and business development.  Daniel loves going on vacations with his family, taking care of his schnauzer dogs and everything baseball.